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Your website is the foundation of your online presence, so keeping it fresh and up to date is vital for your user’s experience. Here are three easy ways to refresh and improve your website to keep it relevant and generate more valuable leads and conversions.

Add new exciting photos and videos.

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One of the easiest and simplest ways to give your website a facelift is to add new photos and videos. Whether it’s crisp new product shots, exciting new team portraits, or a stellar new video for the header section of your website, these visual assets can really change the look of your site without changing anything else.

Having visual content on your site is a great way to captivate new users’ attention and pique their interest, but if you have users who frequently return to your site to read content or shop products, those images can eventually lose their appeal.

Occasionally replacing your photos and videos with newer content is a great way to give a fresh experience to your returning users. Giving them new visual content to explore is also a great way to encourage them to navigate to areas of the site they typically don’t navigate to—if they tend to go straight to your product page or blog, adding new photos and videos across your site might encourage them to visit other pages.

To learn more about visual content, take a look at our beginners and advanced guides.

Freshen up your content with new keywords.

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Because industries, businesses, and products can change, some website content may need to be updated. We suggest reading through the content of your site at least two times per year to ensure that all sections of your content are still accurate and relevant. If you find that some of your content is outdated or inaccurate, take the time to replace it with fresh, relevant content.

You can also improve and freshen up your existing content by reviewing what search terms your audience is frequently using and including those keywords into your new content sections. Keeping your content fresh, accurate, and relevant to your audience ensures an optimal user experience. It can also help you improve valuable website metrics (including the number of pages viewed on your site and the amount of time a visitor spends on your site) and increase your leads and conversions.

Fresh content can also benefit your SEO (search engine optimization) because Google looks for new and revised content to ensure that a website is current, relevant, and accurate. By adding new or improved content to your site regularly, you can gain a better rank on relevant SERPs (search engine results pages), which can help increase your traffic and leads. 

Make an irresistible offer with a popup.

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Another great way to freshen up your website is with a timely popup. You can offer visitors a limited special or discount, or give visitors a valuable conversion opportunity, such as a newsletter subscription or free sample.

Popup can be very effective, but it’s important to do them in a way that isn’t aggressive and doesn’t negatively affect the user’s experience. If your popup is set to automatically popup after a certain amount of time, ensure that the time you set is reasonable. If it pops up immediately or too soon, your user hasn’t had the chance to read or view any content and they may not be ready to convert yet. If you wait too long, they may navigate to another page or exit the site before the popup appears. The sweet spot is typically 50% of the average amount of time users spend on your webpage, but performing A/B tests is a great way to determine the optimal timing for your users.

If your popup is triggered with an interaction like a button click, scroll point, or exit, ensure that your popup works successfully and is easy for your user to trigger and use. Placing a button hidden in your footer or a link tucked away in your content will limit the chances of your users finding and triggering the popup, which decreases your chances of conversion.

Lastly, ensure your popup has a stellar user experience. The content of the popup should be concise and capture their attention. Use a strong CTA and present them with undeniable value. However, they should also be able to easily exit the popup if they aren’t ready to convert. Trapping your user and forcing them to convert can result in a lost lead and/or a high bounce rate. Make sure your users can close the popup if they aren’t ready, without having to leave the site—that way, they can continue reading your content and still take another conversion opportunity later.

We can help you refresh and improve your website for 2021.

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