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When a professional or business owner in the mental health industry first decides to bring their brand or business online, the first step is to have a website designed and developed. But once the site is launched, many of them don’t touch their website again unless it’s to add a new product or section of content.

In this blog post, our experts want to share with you the importance of website audits, and how you can use them to improve and enhance your website so it can help your business or practice grow sustainably, even if you don’t have a new product or update.

What is a website audit?

An audit report.

Like any other type of audit, a professional website audit inspects and examines your website. There are several different types of website audits that focus on different functions and performance elements. The main six website audit types are:

  • Technical audits examine your site’s speed, indexed pages, tags, meta descriptions/alt text, accessibility, links, and more to ensure your website is functioning optimally.
  • SEO (search engine optimization) audits inspect your content’s formatting, readability, and keyword optimization to ensure your website can gain optimal visibility in search engines.
  • UI/UX (user interface/user experience) audits evaluate all elements and functions of your website’s frontend to ensure your website provides a satisfying, high-converting user experience.
  • Responsive design audits test and review your website’s performance on multiple devices and web browsers to ensure your users have a consistent experience no matter how they choose to access your website.
  • HTTPS audits confirm your website is protected with HTTPs to ensure you and your users information is secure.
  • CRO audits analyze your current conversion opportunities to identify opportunities for improvement.

Why are website audits important?

Two metric reports displayed on smartphone screens.

Audits are most typically done before any major changes, improvements, or optimizations are performed on a website to set a benchmark for the site’s performance. By setting a benchmark you can clearly see how any changes positively or negatively affected the performance, usability, and success of your website. This is also a great way to track the continued results of any SEO initiatives.

Audits should also be done on a routine basis (at least once every six months) regardless of any planned changes or current initiatives. By regularly auditing your website you can ensure that your website is performing to current industry standards, and is continuing to generate the leads, conversions, and results that you desire.

Thorough website audits give you valuable insights on your website, allowing you to establish a solid benchmark, identify valuable optimization/improvement opportunities, and track the continued performance of your site.

How to audit your website.

A digital marketing expert increasing the performance of a website.

There are several website audit tools that perform thorough audits and provide valuable insights. Some stellar options that we suggest are:

Without the proper experience and expertise, website audit data can be complicated and even overwhelming. To ensure you have the right understanding of your audit results, and more importantly, can make the most of that data and make the right improvements, we suggest having a professional digital marketing expert or agency perform the audits for you.

A professional digital marketing expert will perform all six website audits, will have a thorough understanding of the data and results, and will be able to identify what improvements, optimizations, and enhancements can be made. After they have performed and reviewed the audits, they can provide you with comprehensive data and help you outline the strategies and initiatives to most effectively make those improvements. And, they can follow up with another round of audits after those changes have been implemented, to see exactly how much your website has improved from the initial benchmark, and help you continue to improve your website for maximum results. 

We can help you audit and optimize your website.

If you are ready to improve your website’s performance and gain more sustainable leads and conversions, contact us today. Our digital marketing experts will run a thorough website audit on all six essential elements of your website, identify opportunities for improvement, and provide comprehensive data and solutions for you to consider. We can also implement these solutions for you and help you grow your business and maximize your results.