Local SEO services.

Reach your local audience by increasing your visibility on relevant platforms, directories, and search engines.

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Our experts have the solutions to help you stand out amongst your local competitors.

If you offer mental health services locally or sell wellness products at a brick and mortar location, local SEO (search engine optimization) is an essential digital marketing solution that can help you increase your foot traffic, local leads, and sales.

Professional local SEO strategies can get you first page rankings in local SERPs (search engine results pages) and relevant directories, so shoppers in your area can find, contact, and shop from your brand.

Optimized profiles

After determining what directories and social platforms are relevant to your industry or commonly used by your audience, we ensure that your profiles and listings are consistent, well-branded, and locally optimized.

Onsite SEO

Professional SEO solutions ensure that your business gets front-page placement when your local shoppers perform a relevant search on their preferred search engine.

Increased visibility

Professionally optimizing your website, directory listings, and social profiles greatly increases your visibility, putting your brand in front of shoppers more frequently and ahead of your competitors.

Valuable results

If local shoppers can easily and conveniently find your brand online—especially on their mobile devices when they’re already out—they are much more likely to become a lead or make a purchase in-store or online.

Increase your local visibility with our local SEO services.

Our strategic local SEO services help mental health professionals and businesses stand out from their competitors and gain valuable traffic.

Why do I need local SEO, won’t customers just come to my store/location?

If a shopper already knows about your location, knows where it is, and knows your business hours, then they certainly might stop in when they’re ready to make a purchase, but they may check to confirm if your hours have changed or if you’re offering any specials they should know about. And, local SEO ensures that new potential customers can find all that information and more with a simple search, so they visit your location instead of going straight to a competitor.

Why do I need SEO when I can just pay for ads?

Paid ads get you immediate visibility, but those ads only display when you’re paying for them. While SEO services take time, it is more sustainable, more cost-effective overall, and has a longer-term ROI.

My local competitors are on the front page, how do I beat them?

Our professional local SEO services ensure that potential customers can find you in local searches against your competitors by keeping your directory profiles optimized and up to date, as well as optimizing your site for local search terms that are competitive and relevant to your business.

Our experts provide local SEO strategies that increase your traffic and revenue.