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If you own a business or practice in the mental health industry, customer satisfaction should be one of your top priorities. Without satisfied clients and customers, you can’t generate sustainable revenue for your business, and customer reviews are a great way to know that your customers are truly satisfied with your product and customer service. Their feedback is vital, as it lets you know what you’re doing right (and what you may be able to do better) and gives you another opportunity to continue cultivating a relationship with that customer.

But customer reviews aren’t just vital for improving your business or strengthening your relationship with that single customer–positive feedback is vital for promoting your business and building your credibility with potential new clients and customers, as well.

The importance of customer reviews.

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Whether you just launched your brand or you’ve been in business for over a decade, you need to earn the trust of every new prospective customer before they can make their first purchase from you. You can have the best product on the market, and the best photos, videos, and content to promote that product, but if your customer hasn’t experienced the product themselves, it’s highly unlikely that they are just going to take you at your word for it. But they will listen to your other customers.

9 out of 10 shoppers read reviews before making a purchase.

3 out of 4 shoppers say they trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

More than 56% of shoppers read a minimum of four reviews.

And with more businesses moving their businesses online and selling exclusively through eCommerce, more shoppers are relying on real, honest feedback of other shoppers when making an online purchase. This is why generating positive customer reviews for your business and your individual products is so important—it helps build your credibility with new potential customers.

How to get positive customer reviews.

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The easiest way to earn positive customer reviews is to provide a product and experience that they are satisfied with. If a customer is thrilled with their purchase and their experience with your business, they may leave a positive review without being asked. If they do, that’s fantastic! You earned a genuine, positive customer review without any additional effort on your part.

It’s important to make sure that these customers can leave their feedback easily and conveniently. If that customer wants to leave you a review but they have to search for a way to do it or put in extra effort, they may give up and not bother leaving that valuable feedback. By creating well-branded profiles on all major platforms and directories, you can make it easier and more convenient for your customers to find you and leave your reviews. You can also place links to these profiles on your site, making it even easier for them to find and review you. Here are a a few platforms that customers most frequently use for writing and reading reviews:

However, many customers don’t think to leave their own review after a satisfying transaction, even if they themselves rely on that feedback from other customers. If you have finished a transaction with a customer or client, don’t be afraid to ask them to give their feedback. You can use your email marketing platform to send an automated email after a predetermined amount of time (i.e. one day after purchase). Or, if you built a personal relationship with your customer, you can ask them directly in a more personal manner. 

How to use reviews to promote your business.

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The great benefit of receiving positive online reviews on any platform is that they are already promoting your business just by being there. When a customer seeks out your business on Google, Facebook, or another directory/platform and they read that review, it begins to build or strengthen their trust in your business. However, there are two vital ways you can increase the value of these reviews and use them to promote your business even more: responding and resharing.

You should always respond to each review in a timely and professional manner. 97% of shoppers who read customer reviews also read the responses from the business. If you have a dozen positive customer reviews but you haven’t responded to any of them, a potential client might think you don’t value your customer’s feedback or that you don’t care about your online presence/reputation, and they may be more inclined to go with a business who demonstrates that care.

When you receive a positive customer review, be sure to respond to it in a reasonable amount of time (1-2 business days). You can personally thank them by name for leaving the review, express your gratitude for having them as a customer, and just show that you value them and their feedback. Not only does this make the customer who left the review feel good about their relationship with your business, but it also shows other potential customers that you care.

Once you have responded to the review, you can also take that review and place it on your website or share it on other platforms, expanding its reach and using it to build your credibility universally.

We can help you generate more positive reviews for your business.

If you’re ready to start earning positive reviews that promote your business and increase your credibility, contact us today. Our digital marketing experts can help you optimize your directory profiles, generate more positive reviews, and use those reviews to promote your business across several platforms.