If you own a business or practice in the mental health industry, you have goals that you want your clients or customers to fulfill. If you sell products or offer services, your main goal is for prospective customers to make purchases. But you might also be interested in growing your online presence by increasing your number of followers on one of your platforms, or in gaining subscribers for your email newsletter.

With a data-driven digital marketing funnel, you can ensure that your prospective customers are converting and that your digital marketing initiatives are generating optimal results.

What is a digital marketing funnel?

A digital marketing funnel on a smartphone screen

A digital marketing funnel (also known as a conversion funnel) outlines the steps you want your prospective customer or user to take. It is the path that guides them from that first introduction to your desired conversion.

The stages of a digital marketing conversion funnel can vary slightly depending on your industry, audience, platform, and ultimate goal, but they most frequently include:

  • Creating awareness
  • Cultivating interest
  • Establishing desire
  • Encouraging action

With a professionally created and properly implemented funnel, you are able to seamlessly guide your users to that final stage and encourage the action/conversion you desire.

How to create a conversion funnel.

A digital marketing expert creating a conversion funnel

In order to create an effective conversion funnel, you first need to identify your goal. What is the final action you want your prospects to take? Is it a phone call, a form submission, or a newsletter subscription? Is it a purchase of your latest product? Knowing what action you want your user to take will allow you to effectively form your funnel to guide them directly to that action. Once you have determined your ultimate goal, start mapping out where your potential customer will start in the funnel (awareness) and how they will be guided to that goal.

For example, let’s say you are a therapist and your goal is for your potential clients to fill out a form on your website for a free consultation. In order to get new prospects to fill out that form, you first need to make them aware of you and your practice, get them interested in your therapy services and establish a desire. Without a conversion funnel and digital marketing strategy, you are waiting on your potential clients to seek you out, do their own research, and put in the work to find a way to contact you. But with an effective digital marketing conversion funnel, you can meet them where they are and get them started on that journey right away. Here is what an effective digital marketing conversion funnel might look like for you…

  1. Awareness: You run a paid ad campaign on Google, so your website shows up in relevant SERPs (search engine results pages) when your prospects are searching for therapists or similar services.
  2. Interest: Your strategic ad got their attention and piqued their interest, so they clicked on the ad and arrived on your landing page, which was professionally designed and developed to appeal to new clients looking for a consultation.
  3. Desire: Your landing page content strategically addresses their needs and wants, and establishes you as an expert in your industry–someone they can trust and feel comfortable with.
  4. Action: Your conversion form is perfectly placed on your landing page with a CTA (call to action) that encourages your user to perform that action, such as a limited-time offer or a free download.

With the right funnel, your user is easily and intuitively guided to perform the action. You can eliminate any doubt or inconvenience that may deter a prospect from making the conversion, and you can present the conversion opportunity to them in a way that benefits them.

How to maximize your results.

A conversion funnel on a chalkboard showing leads turning into sales

With any individual digital marketing initiative, you generate the most valuable results when your initiative is data-driven and professionally implemented, and a conversion funnel typically combines several initiatives (i.e. a paid campaign, a landing page, and an email marketing campaign). Working with a professional digital marketing agency to strategize, build, and implement your conversion funnel is the best way to maximize your results.

A professional team or agency will use thorough research and market data to create the funnel that is perfect for your industry, audience, and goal, and that each individual initiative used in that funnel is data-driven and fine-tuned. They may also perform A/B testing on different initiatives to ensure your funnel is generating optimal results, performing seamlessly, and maximizing your ROI.

We can help you create and implement high-converting funnels.

If you’re ready to reach your goals and generate more valuable results, contact us today. Our digital marketing experts will help you create and implement a data-driven conversion funnel that delivers optimal results.