A landing page displayed on a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone.

In September we discussed the power of a great landing page. A landing page is a highly valuable marketing tool, and it’s vitality isn’t going away in 2020. So, we wanted to share some tips and trends to help you nail your landing pages this year!

1. Keep it simple.

When it comes to landing pages, less is always more. A full website provides information on your entire company as well as your products and services, so there is usually ample room for lengthy in-depth content, galleries, and other larger elements. 

But the sole purpose of a landing page is to efficiently inform the visitor of a specific offer, product, or service and to encourage a conversion. Only include content that is necessary to the specific offer and take a minimal design approach whenever possible. The page design and content should be enough to pique your visitor’s interest but not so much that they get lost or overwhelmed, or miss the call to action.

2. Keep it on the page.

A common oversight in landing page design is the navigation bar. When the standard website navigation bar or menu is left on a landing page, the visitor may begin to visit other pages out of curiosity and may forget to return to the landing page to complete the desired action.

Instead, remove the standard navigation bar from your landing page and opt instead for a simple “view full site” link (that opens in a new tab) in the header or footer of the landing page. This gives visitors who are unfamiliar with your brand an opportunity to verify your credibility and learn more about you on your full site, without distracting all visitors by tempting them to explore with a full menu. Keeping your visitors on your landing page increases your chances of conversions.

3. Keep it consistent.

With your full website, consistency is key. Your website tells your story and the best way to tell that story is through consistent branding—this includes your content, colors, typefaces, and other visual elements.

While you have some creative freedom with your landing pages and an opportunity to do something different, be careful to not steer too far away from the style and branding of your full site. You want your landing page to excite the visitor, but not confuse them—you want them to know that this offer, product, or service is special, but that it is still you. If your landing page is entirely inconsistent with your full website, this can lead visitors to doubt its credibility or question its legitimacy. Keeping your landing pages consistent with your website helps improve your brand awareness and facilitate trust.

4. Keep it exciting.

Just because your landing page needs to be consistent with your full site, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. Use your landing page to feature an exciting new video of your product or service, or consider implementing more creative elements. Interactive design (like chatbots or visuals that respond with clicks, scrolls, or mouse-movement) or attention-grabbing visuals (like animations or strong graphics) can be exciting and unique, while remaining consistent with the basics of your brand.

5. Keep it focused.

As we said earlier in the first tip, the purpose of your landing page is to efficiently inform the visitors of a specific offer, product, or service and to encourage conversions. So when designing and developing your landing page, keep your focus on the offer and the desired conversion.

What details and visuals can you use to most efficiently highlight the product or service?

What role does each page element play in guiding your visitor through your conversion funnel?

What strong CTAs can you use to encourage those conversions?

The offer and desired conversion should be your primary focus when designing and developing your landing page, and the offer and encouraged action should be the only thing the visitor has to focus on when visiting your landing page.

Ready to nail your 2020 landing pages?

We build stellar landing pages for our clients that pique interest, build brand awareness, generate leads and conversions, and increase revenue. If you’re ready to launch a new landing page for your latest offer, product, or service (or upgrade your current landing pages), let’s discuss your marketing goals for this year and how we can get you started on the right foot. And, if you’re not sure why you should use landing pages, check out our blog about the power of a great landing page and then give us a call!