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In our post about the essential digital marketing tools of 2020 three weeks ago, and explained that one of these tools is local search engine optimization (SEO).

Local SEO can be easily overlooked by brands or businesses who are handling their digital marketing and SEOs themselves, but since 46% of all searches performed on Google are local, it is vital to have your local SEO in order. Otherwise, you’re missing an incredible opportunity every time someone searches for your product or service online.

We want you to increase your business to maximize your conversions and increase your revenue, and local SEO is a key component to your digital marketing, so let’s dive in and talk about it.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a type of optimization that helps brands and businesses to promote their products or services to, you guessed it, local prospects. It works similarly to organic SEO, but it means that you will rank highly in searches for your specific area, increasing your foot traffic and, ultimately, your revenue.

Here are some examples of local searches:

  • Best pizza in Brooklyn
  • Cheap hotels in New Orleans
  • Best vegan restaurants in Portland
  • Shoe repair in Los Angeles
  • Best burger joint in Atlanta
  • Yoga studio near me

You might have the best slice of pizza in the Big Apple or the best hotel rates in the Big Easy, but if you haven’t optimized your local SEO, you’re missing out on potential clients and customers, and potential clients and customers are missing out on your great pizza or room rates.

Why is local SEO important?

Local SEO is vital for any business, small or large.

For small brands or business, optimizing locally can help you stand out among larger competitors. When you have a professionally designed and built website that works beautifully on mobile devices, when your information is listed consistently and accurately on online search or review sites, and when your easily located in local searches, local prospects are more likely to feel comfortable trusting your brand or business and coming to you, especially when their intent is to support local businesses.

For larger brands or businesses that may have several locations in one state, several states, or even several continents, optimizing locally can help your potential clients or customers find the location nearest them with ease. If one of your locations is highly ranking on all searches but a potential customer in another city doesn’t see a location near them because it’s not ranking above it’s competitors, they may feel that they have no choice but to go with your competitor. Similarly, if your universal website ranks highly but doesn’t visibly list all of your locations, customers in smaller areas may believe that you’re inaccessible to them, unaware that you have a location right around the corner. But if your brand or business ranks highly in their local search and they can easily see that you have a location that is convenient to them, they’re much more likely to choose you and visit your location.

How to improve your local SEO.

In our post about the essential digital marketing tools of 2020, we mentioned that there are several ways to improve your local SEO, including:

  • Optimizing your site to include geographic and contact information
  • Making sure that your website is responsive on mobile devices
  • Claiming your online profiles on search engines, directories, and review platforms

Optimizing locally is an intensive process both on-site and off, and can be time-consuming and tedious. If you have experience with similar processes or you enjoying digging in and taking on projects like this yourself, go for it!

However, if you’d rather focus on running your business or you’re not really interested in taking the time to get acquainted with each of the various platforms and website optimization techniques, we suggest hiring a professional website designer and SEO expert or agency to design, develop, and optimize your site. Overlooking opportunities to increase your local SEO can result in your missing out on a local prospect, and because optimization takes place on both the front and end the backend of any site, working with a professional agency to optimize your local SEO will bases are covered so that your business is highly visible.

Let us optimize your local SEO for success.

We are a website design and digital marketing agency that specializes in content and search engine optimization. This includes local SEO!

Our local SEO strategies and solutions will help you increase your online visibility, help you generate both online traffic and foot traffic, and increase your revenue. Contact us today and let’s discuss your local SEO needs.