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Brands and businesses of all sizes and niches sell products, even in the mental health industry. You might have a wellness retail store that solely relies on product sales or a practice that offers services to a specific audience. Perhaps you’re a small business that processes your shipments in your garage, or you’re a larger-scale business with warehouses of inventory and an order processing team. Regardless of your scale, product type, and customer base, an eCommerce website can bring your business online and help you generate sustainable revenue.

How eCommerce websites work.

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An eCommerce website is a website that allows a business to offer products and process transactions directly on the site. This type of website functions and appears the same as any traditional website, but it is developed using software and tools that enable the capabilities for a product catalog, a payment gateway, and an order processing system.

While marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, etc.) allow businesses to list and sell products, that marketplace acts as a third-party. Sales and transactions are processed through their systems, and this often results in fees and limitations. When you use an eCommerce website, you maintain complete control over your catalog and order processes, eliminate the third-party, and minimize your transaction fees.

Whether you want to sell your products exclusively online or you are maintaining a brick and mortar location too, a professionally designed and developed eCommerce site can make your transaction and order processing as seamless and convenient as possible. When a customer makes a purchase on your eCommerce website, your inventory will be automatically updated and you can view, manage, and complete their order within your dashboard. And with the right payment gateway, you can sync your inventory and transactions with your physical location.

How you can take your business online.

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Whether you have an established brand that has been making sales through other channels (brick and mortar, an online marketplace, etc) or if you’re launching your brand for the first time, the initial process of launching an eCommerce website is generally the same, and it starts with design and development.

While there are a few good platforms that offer DIY website builders, we highly suggest using a professional website design agency for your eCommerce website, because they will ensure that:

  • Your website is well-branded and looks great
  • Your website is user-friendly/easy to use
  • Your website is responsive, so customers can shop on any device
  • Your inventory is intuitive and order processing is seamless
  • Your payment gateway (and entire site) is secure
  • Your website is capable of handling high traffic/transaction volumes

Once your eCommerce website has been designed and developed, you or your hired agency can then add your products to your catalog. To maximize your sales, we recommend having professional photos taken of your products (or even a video) and writing product descriptions that are clear, concise, and exciting.

How to make eCommerce sales.

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Once you’ve launched your eCommerce website with a stocked catalog, you’re ready to start selling your products–all that’s left is to guide potential customers to your website! Some common ways businesses promote their websites include:

  • Posting on relevant social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Paid ad campaigns (search engines, social platforms, video ads, etc.)
  • Referring in-person customers to their store
  • Traditional marketing (print, radio, television, billboards, etc.)

To promote sales, you can even do a special offer for your initial launch, such as a discount on their first order or a reward for sharing your site with their friends. If you have loyal customers who shopped in-store or through your former selling method, you can offer them an exclusive discount for shopping on your new site.

When you have a great product, and your professional eCommerce website is safe, secure, and easy to use on any device, you are guaranteed to make sales and see a highly satisfying return on your investment. And bringing your business online with your own eCommerce website ensures that your business can generate sustainable revenue.

We can help you create a stellar eCommerce site.

If you’re ready to start selling your products online, contact us today. Our website design and digital marketing experts can help you design, develop, and launch a stellar website, and use data-driven digital marketing initiatives to boost your traffic and generate optimal conversions and sales.