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Brand awareness is the first phase of any successful digital marketing conversion funnel. You can’t sell products or services to shoppers if they don’t know and trust your brand. But many SMBs and entrepreneurs don’t want to invest in their brand awareness, impatiently wanting to skip that vital phase and move onto generating leads and conversions. 

But by investing in your brand awareness, you can create a firm foundation for your digital marketing initiatives and set your conversion funnels up for success. By taking the time to establish brand awareness and credibility with your target audiences, you can generate more valuable and more sustainable leads, conversions, and revenue.

Run paid ad campaigns.

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One of the fastest ways to boost your brand awareness is to run one or several paid ad campaigns. With paid ads, you can get your business on top of relevant search engine results pages (SERPs), in your target audience’s social media feeds, before or during videos your target audience is watching online, and more.

Earning an organic (unpaid) placement on the front page of a relevant search requires long-term search engine optimization (SEO). Showing up organically in your target audience’s social feeds can’t happen if they don’t follow you already. Running a paid ad campaign on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms can get you on the fast track to being seen and boost your brand awareness quickly.

Build your social media following.

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Running a paid ad campaign on social media will get your business into your target audience’s feeds. But these posts typically appear as paid or sponsored posts, letting the user know they are seeing content that was paid for, not content from an account they willingly followed. While this is a great way to build your brand awareness, you don’t want your audience to just hear about you once and forget about you.

By creating and sharing valuable, interesting, compelling content on your social media platforms, you can encourage (and even incentivize) your target audience to follow you on one or more platforms.

Let’s say you ran an interesting paid campaign on Instagram. Members of your target audience found the ad intriguing, so they clicked on your profile and saw that you frequently post content similar to the ad—content that piques their interest and possibly benefits them in some way (inspiration, education, entertainment, etc.). If they decide to follow you, that allows you to continue to increase their awareness of your brand with each piece of content you share in the future, and start cultivating a relationship with that user before they ever make a purchase.

Having and building a consistent social media following of genuine, interested followers can help increase your brand awareness, build your credibility, and create sustainable customer relationships.

Utilize professional search engine optimization (SEO).

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A front-page, high-ranking position is one of the biggest goals a business can and should have. But as we said earlier, earning an organic (unpaid) placement on the front page of a relevant search requires long-term search engine optimization (SEO).

The first key stage of SEO is to perform market research and identify which keywords your target audience is using when they are searching for products or services like yours. By optimizing your website content with these keywords, your website pages are more likely to appear in searches containing those keywords.

But SEO isn’t just about keywords, it’s also about website performance. When your website is performing optimally, your users have a better experience and are more likely to spend more time on your website. This can vitally improve your website metrics such as:

  • How many pages a user looks at on your website per visit
  • How much time a user spends on a specific page
  • What behaviors and actions a user performs before exiting your site

These metrics (and many others) help Google’s algorithms to verify the usability of your website and the relevancy of your content. If the algorithms can confirm that your users find your content valuable, interesting, and relevant to their search, the algorithm is more likely to promote your webpage more prominently in future searches.

SEO takes time, but the investment is worth it. When your business appears organically in relevant searches, your brand awareness and credibility can be increased sustainably.

We can help you increase your brand awareness online.

If you’re ready to increase your brand awareness online, contact us today. Our experts will help you identify your current benchmark and strategize paid ad campaigns, organic content marketing strategies, and SEO to help both boost your brand awareness immediately and continue to increase your brand awareness sustainably over time.