Are Google Ads worth it?

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Strategic digital marketing is essential to any business in the digital age, but many business owners wonder which initiatives will bring the fastest return and which ones are worth the investment. In this post, we are discussing how Google Ads work and if they are worth it for your business.

How Google Ads work.

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Google Ads (formerly known as Google Ad Words) is a paid digital advertising platform hosted by Google. They offer a variety of different ad types, including:

  • Search (text ads that display as search results)
  • Display (graphics that are displayed on Google’s network of websites)
  • Video (ads that play before, during, and after videos on YouTube)
  • Shopping (catalog ads that display in shopping search results)
  • App (ads that advertise applications)

Like other PPC (pay-per-click) platforms, you create your ads, choose your target audience(s), and set an ad spend budget to bid on impressions, clicks, and conversions. Google uses your set preferences and its algorithms to present your ads to the right audience and deliver optimal results.

Are Google Ads worth it?

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Many business owners in the mental health industry. question if paid ads are worth it, wondering if they will see a valuable return on their ad spend or if they should invest that budget into another form of digital marketing. Paid ads on any platform (that is relevant to your business or audience) are highly beneficial for businesses of any niche or size because they can increase your brand awareness, traffic, leads, and conversions, but what makes Google Ads special?

63,000 searches are performed on Google per second.

76% of the search engine market belongs to Google.

Online ads increase brand awareness by 80%.

63% of people have clicked on at least one Google ad.

Shoppers who click on ads are 50% more likely to make a purchase.

90% of internet users see Google Ads.

The amount of traffic and usage Google receives on a daily basis makes Google Ads worth the investment, because without those ads, you could be missing out on a significant amount of impressions, clicks, and conversions. If members of your target audience are searching for products or services similar to yours, a strategic paid ad campaign will ensure that your brand is included in those results. Search ads are especially effective if your site doesn’t rank well organically on relevant SERPs (search engine results pages). Professional SEO services will improve your organic placement overtime, and paid search ads are a great way to get on the first page of Google searches right away. 

How to grow your business with Google Ads.

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In order to grow your business with a Google Ad campaign, you have to determine the right target audience, choose the right ad type(s), and set an appropriate ad spend. Google Ads allows you to target different demographics, age ranges, and interests to ensure that your ads reach the right audiences. Choosing the right audiences ensures that you don’t waste valuable ad spend.

The type of ad you choose should be based on where your audience is most likely to see that ad and take interest in it. If your target audience is frequently searching for products or services like yours, then a search ad campaign will be the most beneficial. However, if members of your audience tend to watch videos related to your niche (testimonials, tutorials, demonstrations, etc), video ads can be a great way to get their attention.

Once you’ve chosen your target audience and ad type(s), you can set a budget for your ad spend, which is usually an average cost per day or a total cost for the lifetime of the campaign. Depending on your ad type, your budget will be used to deliver the optimal amount of impressions/views, clicks, or conversions you desire.

We can help you create strong Google Ads.

To ensure your business is getting the best results with your Google Ad campaigns, it is essential to have them created and managed by a professional digital marketing agency or team. Our experts will help you determine the right audiences, choose the right ad type, set an appropriate budget, and use data-driven strategies to deliver the right results.