Are Facebook Ads effective?

The Facebook app logo on a device screen.

While most businesses use paid ad campaigns to promote their business, many SMB owners and entrepreneurs question if paid Facebook ads are as effective as ads on search engines or other advertising platforms. In this post, we are discussing how Facebook ads work and how you can use them to grow your business.

How Facebook Ads work.

Like many other PPC (pay-per-click) ad platforms, Facebook Ads allows businesses to create strategic ads and target specific audiences, with the goal of increasing their brand awareness, leads, conversions, and more.

Facebook has over 2.41 billion monthly active users, and with Facebook Ads, you can reach unique members of your target audiences based on traits and details including:

  • Demographics (age, gender, etc)
  • Interests (shopping, devices, etc)
  • Behaviors (shopper profiles, offline interests, etc)

A Facebook Ad can be a text post, a video, a series of graphics or photos, or even a shopping ad. Depending on the type of ad you create, the preferences you choose, and the device being used by your audience member, your ads can show up in various areas such as their main News Feed, the right column, or in their messenger inbox. And since Facebook owns Instagram, these ads can also be displayed on the Instagram Feed and Instagram Explore page.

Are Facebook Ads effective?

Running a strategic PPC Ad campaign on a relevant search engine like Google is a great way to get your brand in front of potential customers who are actively searching for products and services like yours, but that person has to perform that search in order to see the ad. With paid ads on social media platforms, you define your audience you want to reach and these ads are displayed in the feeds of the users in that audience, right where they’re browsing without relying on them to make an intentional search beforehand.

On average, people access Facebook 8 times per day.

The average Facebook user clicks on 11 ads per month. 

Facebook accounts for 80% of US social referral share to ecommerce sites.

Facebook ads are a highly effective way to get the attention of potential clients and customers, pique their interest, and increase your brand awareness, traffic, leads, and conversions. Instead of waiting for the shopper to decide they need a product like yours and perform the search, you can use your ads to highlight a need and present your product as the solution, inspiring them to learn more and possibly make a purchase.

How to grow your business with Facebook Ads.

To see optimal results from your paid Facebook Ad campaign, first determine the right target audiences and create content that is worth promoting. What will interest your audience the most? This might be an exciting video, a captivating photo set, or a powerful text ad. Create the content that will stand out on their feed, get their attention, and pique their interest immediately.

Once you have created the content for your ad(s), you can create your campaign. This process includes choosing your audience, determining the duration that the ads should run, and setting an appropriate ad spend. Facebook’s ad manager provides tools that help you calculate approximately how many users your ad will reach based on your audience and budget.

Depending on your goals, you can use your ads to increase your brand awareness through video views and post engagements, or you can drive traffic to your website to generate more leads and conversions. You can also generate leads directly on Facebook with a click to call button or by giving users the option to contact you through Facebook Messenger.

We can help you create effective Facebook Ads.

To ensure your business is getting the best results with your Facebook Ad campaigns, it is essential to have them created and managed by a professional digital marketing agency or team. Our experts will help you determine the right audiences, create powerful content, set an appropriate budget, and use data-driven strategies to deliver the right results.