A digital chalkboard displaying icons that represent the power of online courses.

Are you creating valuable, useful content for your website or social platforms, such as blog posts or videos? Does your target audience find that information helpful and are they interested in learning more? Did you know that you can turn that content into an online course?

Turning your expertise into an online course can:

  • Give your audience a more robust learning experience
  • Establish/elevate you as an expert in the mental health industry
  • Generate sustainable revenue for your business

In this blog post, our experts want to share with you how you can create valuable online courses for your audience and increase your revenue with a learning management system.

How a learning management system (LMS) works.

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application that allows you to create, deliver, and manage online courses. These online courses are typically lesson/topic based, and the content included in the course is entirely up to the creator. Examples of courses types include: 

  • Training for new hires
  • Learning/Education
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Guidance/Motivation
  • Skill development

With the right LMS, you can create and design your course(s) to be well-branded, easy to use, and highly beneficial to your audience or niche. You can sell your courses for a one-time fee, offer a subscription-based plan, or offer your courses to your audience for free. You can also control if your user’s access expires at any time (after completion, upon subscription cancelation, etc) and if the course requires registration to use even if the course is free.

Blogs, videos, eBooks, and website pages are a great way to offer educational content to your users, but an LMS allows you to turn that content into interactive courses, which can include assessment tests, knowledge checks, and even certificates for completion. This gives your users a better, more robust experience and gives you an opportunity to monetize that content.

How to create your own online courses.

In order to create and sell online courses on your website, you’ll need to add an LMS to your existing site (or create a site to specifically sell your courses). There are dozens of great learning management systems on the market, and which one you choose depends on your website host/platform and your course needs.

To set up your LMS and your first course, we highly suggest working with a professional website design and development agency. They will help you choose the right LMS, handle the initial integration process, ensure that your courses are well-branded and user-friendly, and that your payment gateway is properly configured and secure.

Once your LMS has been established on your site, you can begin to create your courses. Your course can have several topics or modules, and you can include text, photos, videos, audio recordings, downloads, and more. How you structure your course entirely depends on your content and the experience you want your course taker to have, and because of its versatility and nearly endless possibilities, an online course can be a highly valuable product for your company, regardless of your niche.

How to promote and sell your online courses.

Once you’ve launched your online course(s), you’re ready to start selling it (or offering it to your audience for free), so now you just need to get your course in front of your target audience! A few great ways to promote your course include:

  • A paid ad campaign (search engines, social platforms, video ads, etc.)
  • Making posts on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Email marketing
  • Traditional marketing (print, radio, television, billboards, etc.)

You can utilize a stellar landing page to promote your latest course for optimal conversions, and you can even create an exclusive offer, like a discounted rate for enrolling in multiple courses.

Or, if your course is private and exclusive to a certain group of people (such as your employees or members of a specific organization), you can secure your courses behind a login wall and provide them with a direct link.

We can help you create and sell powerful online courses.

If you’re ready to turn your content into an online course that you can monetize, contact us today. Our website design and digital marketing experts can help you set up your LMS, create your first course, and use data-driven digital marketing initiatives to boost your traffic and generate sustainable revenue.