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Data-driven marketing for mental health professionals.

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Digital marketing for mental health professionals.

We work with brands, businesses, and professionals in the mental health industry to reach their target audiences and grow their businesses sustainably online. Our digital marketing experts design and develop data-driven strategies and solutions that increase brand awareness, generate online traffic, and deliver valuable leads and conversions. We utilize top-rated digital marketing analytical software, Google marketing products, key social media platforms, and more to ensure businesses grow online.

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Life Coaches

Personal Trainers

Substance Abuse Relief

Wellness Retail

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Precise digital marketing supercharged with smart design.

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Digital marketing & website design done right.

We design and develop stellar websites that effectively showcase leading brands. Our websites are designed to ensure businesses look their best online, built to gain considerable online traffic, and optimized to generate valuable conversions through various industry-standard strategies and techniques. Our website design experts understand the power and importance of a strong online presence, and we strive to use our experience and expertise to help you grow your brand or business online through our web design services. We combine our passion, creativity, and intelligent design to elevate your brand and deliver valuable results.

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Effective digital marketing with stellar website design guarantees success.

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Testimonials. What they say.

Geo and his team at Mind Marketing Group were phenomenal. I had the pleasure of working with Geo on developing a marketing message for a product I invented. He listened, no he really listened to learn about the product, asked questions to get a deeper understanding, and then went to work. At our subsequent meeting, concepts were shared, but more importantly, the concepts were developed based on real data. I was amazed at what data they were able to pull about our target markets and how that data informed the development of the concepts. I didn't feel like I was working with a company hired to complete a project but rather felt like I was working with a partner who was equally invested in the success of our company. I highly recommend!

— Kathleen Quinn | MT

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Digital marketing & design done right.

Recent marketing & design insights.

A digital marketing expert drawing a line that shows an increase in brand awareness.

How to increase your brand awareness in 2021.

Brand awareness is the first phase of any successful digital marketing conversion funnel. You can’t sell products or services to shoppers if they don’t know and trust your brand. But many SMBs and entrepreneurs don’t want to invest in their brand awareness, impatiently wanting to skip that vital phase and move onto generating leads and…
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A digital marketing expert discussing a budget with a business owner.

How to make the most of your digital marketing budget in 2021.

Most businesses and entrepreneurs understand that digital marketing is essential for success in the digital age, but many are unsure of how to set a digital marketing budget and how to make the most of those funds. In this blog post, our experts want to share with you three key tips for you to make…
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A website designer outlining improvements on a wireframe

Small changes you can make to refresh and improve your website.

Your website is the foundation of your online presence, so keeping it fresh and up to date is vital for your user’s experience. Here are three easy ways to refresh and improve your website to keep it relevant and generate more valuable leads and conversions. Add new exciting photos and videos. One of the easiest…
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A business owner looking up at an exclamation point.

Digital marketing pain points you might be ignoring.

Every SMB owner and entrepreneur experiences their own pain points, from business development to sales and more. But there are several digital marketing pain points that nearly every small business experiences at some point. Some pain points like budgets and resources demand to be solved eventually, as you can’t proceed with your digital marketing initiatives…
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A digital marketing expert reviewing a website audit report.

How to audit your website.

When a professional or business owner in the mental health industry first decides to bring their brand or business online, the first step is to have a website designed and developed. But once the site is launched, many of them don’t touch their website again unless it’s to add a new product or section of…
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A gauge showing an increase in conversion rates with proper optimization.

What is conversion rate optimization?

Every business in the mental health industry seeks to generate leads and conversions from prospects and new clients or customers, and this is the ultimate purpose of an online presence and any digital marketing initiative. But many small businesses will launch a basic paid ad campaign or two, and are satisfied with whatever conversions it…
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A customer using a smartphone to leave a positive review for a business.

Why positive customer reviews are so important for your business.

If you own a business or practice in the mental health industry, customer satisfaction should be one of your top priorities. Without satisfied clients and customers, you can’t generate sustainable revenue for your business, and customer reviews are a great way to know that your customers are truly satisfied with your product and customer service.…
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What is a digital marketing funnel?

If you own a business or practice in the mental health industry, you have goals that you want your clients or customers to fulfill. If you sell products or offer services, your main goal is for prospective customers to make purchases. But you might also be interested in growing your online presence by increasing your…
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